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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
The Acceptable Christian Sin of Gluttony #52
December 11, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Numbers 11:31-34

James Clear, author of "The Quick Start Guide to Intermittent Fasting," writes regarding daily intermittent fasting: "Most of the time, I follow the LeanGains model of intermittent fasting, which uses a 16-hour fast followed by an 8-hour eating period. This model of daily intermittent fasting was popularized by Martin Berkhan of LeanGains.com, which is where the name originated. It doesn't matter when you start your 8-hour eating period. You can start at 8am and stop at 4pm. Or you can start at 2pm and stop at 10pm. Do whatever works for you. I tend to find that eating around 1pm and 8pm works well because those times allow me to eat lunch and dinner with friends and family. Breakfast is typically a meal that I eat on my own, so skipping it isn't a big deal."

John Cassian said, "The church fathers have not given us only a single rule for fasting or a single standard and measure for eating, because not everyone has the same strength; age, illness, or delicacy of body create differences. But they have given us all a single goal: to avoid overeating and the filling of our bellies. A clear rule for self-control that has been handed down is this: stop eating while still hungry and do not continue until you are satisfied."

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, "Obesity puts a strain on your whole circulatory system. This strain increases your risk for stroke. Obesity can lead to other stroke risk factors. Stroke risk factors include heart disease, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, lipid abnormalities, type 2 diabetes, and obstructive sleep apnea."

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