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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
Whyte House Family Devotions: Prayer for the Family, Church, Nation & World #189 (Short Version) (11/26/17): "The Secret of Spiritual Consistency (Part 1)" by Oswald Chambers
November 26, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

My family and I have had morning devotions, or family altar as some people call it, everyday ever since my wife, Meriqua, and I were married 30 years ago. We have prayed and read the Bible together as well as other devotional books as a family and it is the only reason why this family has stayed together and it is the only reason why God has blessed our family and used our family in ministry all of these years. We read Ephesians 5 and 6 every morning as it relates to the role of each member of the family and how that we need to put on the whole armor of God to fight against the devil who is seeking to destroy our family and all Christian families, churches, and Christians. Sometimes our devotions would last 3 or 4 hours. So if you see 45 minutes to an hour, don't be shocked. That is an abridgement. So, now after 30 years of doing this in our home, we are opening this up to others who don’t have a family to pray with, who don’t have a spouse, who are single by choice, and to encourage all families who are still in tact to go back to the family altar and have devotions together every morning. In these devotions, you may hear me deal with a temptation I’m facing in my life, you may hear me rebuke my wife about not doing what she should be doing, or you may hear me get on one of my children’s cases about something they’re doing. Don’t be shocked; this is real life.

Nick Bibile said, “The New Testament church started with family worship. Jesus very often taught in homes -- remember how he taught in Mary and Martha’s home and the home he was teaching in when a leper’s friends tore off the roof. He ate and fellowshipped in homes. After the resurrection, believers met at homes to worship God. The true church is the home church. Later on, as the home churches grew they constructed buildings where believers could gather in the name of the Lord. But family worship was not neglected.”


DEVOTIONAL READING: "The Secret of Spiritual Consistency (Part 1)" by Oswald Chambers

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