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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
The Acceptable Christian Sin of Gluttony #16
October 09, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Genesis 25:29-34

John Piper said, "We need to recover a large appreciation for the biblical disciplines of self-denial and fasting. That is the discipline side of this issue. We should esteem, extol, and cherish the biblical teaching that the Christian life is one of confronting our cravings and saying no to them."

According to Stanford Health Care Center, obesity is a major cause of heart disease. "Athero-scle-rosis (hardening of the arteries) is present 10 times more often in obese people than it is in those who are not obese. Coronary artery disease is also more prevalent because fatty deposits build up in arteries that supply the heart. Narrowed arteries and reduced blood flow to the heart can cause chest pain (angina) or a heart attack. Blood clots can also form in narrowed arteries and cause a stroke."

This is an uncomfortable subject for many of us, but if you listen and take heed, this particular series can not only change your life spiritually, but it can save your life physically.

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