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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
Church Guidelines for Prophesying, Praying, and Speaking in Tongues, Part 1 (Praying Through the Bible #250)
June 21, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: 1 Corinthians 14:1-19 (verses 1-4)

Like the last passage that we went through in Corinthians, this passage is one that embodies complex and often controversial issues in the church. We approach these passages through the lens of prayer -- praying better and praying more. Yet, God has seen fit to help us learn about a broad range of issues and, as we do so, we grow in our faith and in our understanding of the Christian life. From this passage, we will address the issues of prophecy, prayer, and speaking in tongues in the church. As we do so, we do well to remember that only prophecy and speaking in tongues are considered "spiritual gifts." Prayer is not a gift; anyone can pray and pray effectively.

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