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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
Pray, Now and Always (Praying Through the Bible #240, Part 1)
April 12, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Romans 8:12:12

The command to pray found in Romans 12:12 comes in the middle of a long list of the duties which a Christian is expected to carry out. Paul begins this passage by talking about the gifts that are present in the body of Christ. He says, "We have many members in one body, but all members have not the same office." Some of those offices include the offices of prophet, minister, teacher, and exhorter. However, only certain ones in the body of Christ are called to those offices. Paul goes on to list twenty-five duties that all Christians should fulfill. Among these duties is "continuing instant in prayer." There is no special office for praying or for prayer warriors. All Christians are called to pray.

But Paul is not talking about the occasional praying that we do when we get in trouble, or the formal praying that we do at the dinner table, or even the church praying that we do once a week in Sunday service. Paul says we must be "continuing instant in prayer."

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