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Gospel Light Minute X with Daniel Whyte III
The Free State of Glory (Part 20)
April 08, 2017 Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: Revelation 21:23-27

Although the New Jerusalem will have walls and gates, John tells us that the "gates of it shall not be shut at all by day." This notation emphasizes the fact that there will be no threats that the city need guard against. In the walled cities of Biblical times, the gates would be shut at night to protect against invaders. The whole concept of a walled city was implemented for the purpose of protection. Many people worked outside the city walls, but at night they would come inside the walls. Many even lived outside the city, but during a war, they would come inside in order to take advantage of the protection that the walls provided. However, since there will be no enemies to protect against and "no night" in the city either, there is no need for the gates of the New Jerusalem to be shut. The prophecy of Isaiah will be fulfilled: “Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.”

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